Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Coin Generation | Let your computer earn some easy money!!!

Let your computer earn some money!!!

1. Register at the  Coin Generation Registration Page.
2. Register any online wallet to where they will send you the payment like Paxum, PerfectMoney, EgoPay.  
3. Download Coin Generation (ThreadManager) software. The software is compatible to Windows XP, 7, 8 and MacOS only.
4. Once you installed the software, you will have one (1) free thread that is good for one month. 
5. You will earn around $24-$30 for that month.
6. You will now transfer that money in your account so that you will only add like $26-$20 in order to make it a total of $50 so that you can buy a new thread.  That new thread will expire after one (1) year.
7. Your new thread will earn around $0.8-$1 a day or $24-$30 a month.
8. Now you can just wait for your money to stack up until it reaches $50. Once it reached to that amount, fifty dollars ($50), buy another thread.
9. Then just repeat step 8 until you reach like 40 or more threads.
10. Once you reach 40 threads, you'll be earning around $38-$40 a day or $1140-$1200 a month.

Now these steps will help you earn unlimited income for you.


This is a very legit company.  You can also check their branches on this website  >>>  Coin Generation - The Group

For Questions or Doubts about CoinGeneration just email at

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ways on earning extra money on weekends.

Just want to say Good day to all of ya!!.

Well just writing this blog just to give you some tips on how to have some extra money if you are just relaxing on weekends. I don't know if some of you will see or not but I just want to write this blog just to tell new this good news.

When I was working, I stumbled on a website that is very easy on how you can earn some points and then converting that points to become gift cards. This site is called TELLWUT (Tell What U Think!!) 

TELLWUT is different from every survey sites.  Some survey sites rely on companies that gives them survey that can be answered by their members, which is us. In TELLWUT , the members are the one making the surveys for other members to answer it. :) . For example, one of the members wants to know something like "Do you take a bath or rest after a nice workout?" The answers would be either "take a bath" or "rest", right?.  There is no right or wrong in those answer because that is your opinion.  Once you had answer that question, you will instantly earn 5 points for that. For multiple questions, you will earn 10 points.

So every weekends I make a ritual on visiting TELLWUT before going to facebook and other social media sites. You will find and also learn interesting things on how people, like us, think.  There will be some good and boring surveys that will be me but the good thing about it is earning points while you are answering their intriguing questions.

Once you become a member of the TELLWUT community, you have can also make a survey that can be answered by your fellow TELLWUT members.  If you have something in mind or any decisions that needs some done, write it so that other can also give their opinion on the topic that you will create.

By the way, I forgot to tell you that TELLWUT only accepts people living in USA and CANADA, for now.

If you are still unclear of any of this, just write me an email at and I will gladly answer your concerns.

Well, I hope I'd given you another information that you can use on your spare time on weekends.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thinking of Earning Extra Money

Hello there. Are you one of the many people like me who likes to earn extra money? Working alone doesn't seem a good way of earning money. I am one of the people who can't live without using the computer and going to the internet every single day. 

Due to the invention of the website called Facebook, more and more people are getting hooked up and surfing the web just to use it. 

When I was browsing on the internet and spending most of my time doing games and earning credits. I said to myself, why can't I earn some REAL money while surfing the web. Instead of using my time while doing games, why can't I use my time earning some money. Right? 

Then I try searching the internet looking for ways to earn some extra money. Finally, I found a website that will help me earn some extra money. This website is called CLIXSENSE

At first, I was thinking if this is really legit or just a scam. Then I tried searching for proof or if someone got paid using this site. Then to my surprise I see many people really got paid using CLIXSENSE. Then I think if I will just register or not. 

I try to gamble my way and try to register to them. Well as time passes, I finally received my first payment in Paypal. I know some of you will get tired of reading if I just put what CLIXSENSE is. Here is a simple video to watch on what CLIXSENSE is and how you can earn extra money.